SELEGGT – Milestones


HatchTech becomes sole shareholder of SELEGGT

HatchTech Incubation Technology acquires REWE Group’s shares and plans to accelerate SELEGGT’s international growth.

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Successful installation of the new SELEGGT Circuit systems

Within only four weeks, a total of 3 new SELEGGT Circuit systems were installed, tested and made ready for daily use in Germany and the Netherlands.


Verbeek Broederij BV installs second SELEGGT Circuit

With the installation of a second SELEGGT Circuit, Verbeek Broederij BV has opted for doubling its in-ovo gender identification capacity via the SELEGGT process. This step shows that we were able to prove our solution.

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LOHMANN Deutschland and respeggt start cooperation

A SELEGGT Circuit will be installed in Germany’s largest laying hen hatchery at LOHMANN Germany in Ankum.

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VIV Europe 2022, Utrecht

The latest version of the SELEGGT Circuit is being presented and demonstrated to the public at the VIV Europe 2022 trade fair in Utrecht in The Netherlands.


Thanks to continuous software improvements and process automation the SELEGGT process has passed the 99% accuracy landmark.


The SELEGGT Circuit was installed in Europe’s largest layer hatchery Verbeek´s Broederij B.V.

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Introducing SELEGGT Circuit!
The extraction technology features easier and more efficient operation as well as fast and individual egg logistics. High performance pipetting, robust industrial engineering and a compatibility with all setter trays (150/88) enable the high weekly throughput of 360.000 hatching eggs per machine per week.


SELEGGT Circulus

Introducing the fully automatic SELEGGT Circulus with an analysis rate of 1 hatching egg per second.


International Expansion

Over 1 million respeggt chicks are already in the supply chains and over 6,000 supermarkets and discount supermarkets in Germany, the Netherlands and France sell respeggt eggs.


First test run with the fully automatic machine.


Nationwide release

The respeggt eggs are sold in several supermarkets.


Weekly use of the SELEGGT process

Since March 2019 the SELEGGT process has been in use weekly. The eggs of the hatched respeggt hens are marketed as respeggt eggs.


Press conference with Klöckner, the Federal Minister of Food and Agriculture

At a joint press conference in Berlin, Minister Klöckner, Dr. Breloh and Mr. Kunath (deputy CEO of REWE Group) announce to put an end to chick culling in Germany and offer the chicks to all interested market participants.


Introducing the prototype 1.0 with Schmidt, the former Federal Minister of Food and Agriculture

The first prototype of the sampling technology and the marker for hormone analysis were presented together with Minister Schmidt at a press conference.


Foundation of SELEGGT GmbH
SELEGGT GmbH was founded as a joint venture in March 2017 with the goal of developing a practice-ready solution for endocrinological gender identification in the hatching egg. Based on the research of the University of Leipzig, a procedure shall be developed which ensures the end of male chick culling in the long term. Three strong partners from research and technical development have joined forces for this purpose: Innovative experts from REWE Group and the Dutch technology company HatchTech B.V. and researchers from the University of Leipzig.