About us

Our major strategic goal is to eliminate chick culling of day-old male chicks in the table egg production supply chains. Gender identification in the hatching egg ensures a more animal-friendly egg production, while maintaining the efficiency of the sector as practised today.

The hatched female chicks live as respeggt hens in laying hen farms and lay respeggt eggs there. More information about where to purchase respeggt eggs can be found on our consumer website: respeggt.com .

The high level of scientific and technological standards held by the SELEGGT GmbH has enabled a process to be developed that is state-of-the-art, easy to use and can analyse a high number of hatching eggs within a very short time.  

The research and development at SELEGGT GmbH consists of two areas of expertise: endocrinological research and technical development.

Introducing the SELEGGT partners:

Dr. Ludger Breloh
Managing Director
Martijn Haarman
Managing Director
Prof. Dr. Almuth Einspanier
Professor at University of Leipzig